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Multi-parametric Prostate Imaging

Multi-parametric Prostate Imaging

Prostatic MRI is a non-invasive medical test performed to diagnose and treat pathologies of the prostate.

 Uses of Prostatic MRI

  • For Assessment of complications after pelvis surgery
  • Prior to prostate biopsy
  • Staging of prostate cancer
  • For evaluation of enlarged prostate
  • Rising PSA
  • Congenital abnormality
  • Infection or prostate abscess.

Benefits of MRI Prostate

  • Noninvasive exam with no use of ionizing radiation.
  • Very clear images of the prostate with great soft tissue detail generated.
  • MRI is valuable in diagnosing a broad range of conditions of the prostate.
  • MR spectroscopy, diffusion and perfusion can examine the chemical makeup of the prostate which can diagnose prostate cancer.
  • Less possibility of reaction to contrast in comparison to other modalities.